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My love of photoshop and experimenting with different brush techniques resulted in the below image of the Shard. Photoshop



At the Marketing Store the creative department was briefed to create characters from a template design. The chosen designs were then created into dolls for a internal project. Design


Crash! Crunch! Crinkle!

From scamp to design for the TMS recycling project using Illustrator to create the lock up. Printed on recycled cardboard. Design

Crash! Crunch! Crinkle!.png

I dare you...

These hen dare cards was another personal project
I created for a friends weekend away. Design

I dare you.png

From South to West

These posters were a salute to my roots and to the West End of London playing around with different fonts. Typography

From South to West.png

Kola Bottle Bear

This was a personal project for a friend's love of koala bears. I took inspiration from 1950s Coca Cola ads and played with the word 'Kola' resulting in Kola Bottle bear. Design

Kola Bottle Bear.png

Cinema 4D

'Type' was my first and only attempt at Cinema 4D. I really enjoyed working on a 3D project and I'd like to explore more of this programme. Design


London Fashion Week

At KHWS the creative department was asked to take inspiration from London Fashion Week to create posters. I used photoshop to blend together two images of a fashion model and an image of London. Photoshop

London Fashion Week.png
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